In recent news around Kariakoo, Sam got a hair cut at our neighborhood barbershop, Libya Hair Cutt Salon.


Barbershops in Tanzania are a place to congregate and also a place of great art in my opinion. Each shop has portraits of people on its doors. Sometimes they are just of normal people but other times they are of famous African Americans.

There are salons for men and women, all with similar portrait art. I assume that you could point to a particular portrait and have your hair done in the same style.

Here is Sam and Michael Jordan, pre-hair cut.


(P Diddy/Puff Daddy Portrait)


(Usher Portrait)

In the barbershop they sometimes use a strait razor to get a close shave on their clients heads. But our friend didn’t use one on Sam. It’s probably for the best.


(Inside Libya Hair Cut Salon)


Here is Sam post barbershop. His 30 minutes hair cut cost 1,500 Tanzanian Shillings or about 1 Dollar. Not a bad deal!



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