Karibu Team 2013-2014! Welcome Team 2013-2014!

Mambo! Hamjambo? We arrived in Tanzania in the (very) early morning of August 21st. After two days of orientation at a beach in Pangani and 9 days in Korogwe, we arrived in Dar es Salaam on September 1st.

Orientation was great, and included sessions of project management, concepts of leadership, communication on the ground and finding a balance between life and work.

2Seeds Team: 2013-2014

2Seeds Team: 2013-2014

We also went to the local market and restaurants to practice our new language skills and to connect with people. Tanzanians are very friendly and love greetings like: Mambo! Shikamoo! and Safi!

Everyday we are learning new words and many cultural differences. Some examples include:

  • burning garbage
  • in almost all rural villages, there is no running water – bucket showers are the norm, as well as washing dishes and clothes in buckets
  • the electricity is out almost everyday

We are very excited about our new life in Dar es Salaam as well as learning more about our partners in the Kariakoo Market. More to come soon!

Haya, Kwaheri! Goodbye!

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