Our Work in Kariakoo

September 21st was our one-month anniversary in Tanzania! We are writing from Korogwe, located 5 hours from Dar es Salaam, where we are having our first meeting with the other Project Coordinators that are working in the Tanga region area.

After orientation and once our routine in Dar es Salaam was established, we started to work with our partners at the Kariakoo Market. Here are our issues and goals:

Tree Analysis – KMC

Since we arrived in Dar on September 1st, we have established relationship with the people directly involved in the initiatives, particularly our KMC partners (those working at the Kariakoo Market). On September 16th, the Masoko team presented our plan to the KMC partners which included:

  • Mr. Vedastus – Planning & Commercial Director
  • Anderson Shaka – ICT Director
  • Frank – Administrator of the KMC Website
  • Henry Rwejuna – Statistician

After our presentation, they approved the plan and were excited to start working with us! We would like to share with you the plan for the next year. The work involves three initiatives:


1. KMC Solution – This includes the technology solution that involves three parts:

1.1.  Data Collection and Data Base – A review of the business process of collecting the wholesale and the retail prices in order to input them into the data base in a way that allows KMC to share this information through the website or cellphone with the buyers and sellers of the Kariakoo Market

1.2.  KMC Website – Improve the KMC website that was started by the previous 2Seeds PCs (project coordinators)

1.3.  Farmers’ Connection  – Establish a solution that will help the famers in the process of decision-making in order to increase their revenue

  1. Organization Collaboration – Organizing meet-ups that aim to connect others NGOs in Tanzania that have similar goals
  2. Farmers’ Market – Support 2Seeds farmers (and others) to participate in a monthly market held in Oyster Bay (a predominantly expat area)

We believe that these three initiatives can be finished by July 2014 and our partners are excited to start this work tuko pamoja (together!)

Plan of the Masoko Team 2013-2014

Besides working towards our initiatives, we have Swahili class every Tuesday. Now it is easier to take a bajaj (like a taxi) or buy food at the market! We are getting to know more and more people and familiarizing ourselves with our neighbors and the streets of Dar. We will post photos of our neighborhood soon!

Tutaona baadaye! See you later!

Sophie and Monique

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