Wow! It is already April/14!

April has been a busy month for us in Dar! We visited the Magoma and Kijungumoto Project Sites and things are happening in Kariakoo!

On April 1st we had a fundraising event at Rodizio Restaurant in Dar. It was Brazilian themed and had capoeira dancing and a slide show about 2Seeds Network. Additionally, there was a raffle and yummy, yummy food! Monique did a great job raising $1,600 USD towards our fundraising goal. We’re almost there!

In the market, we finished mapping out all three floors as well as the smaller market. It has been a long process but we now have a map of everything. Need to find a certain stall? We can help you do that! Unfortunately, the police are knocking down all freestanding buildings in Kariakoo and City Center so the outside market was demolished. This is devastating to us and our partners and friends who sold in that market. Now they have moved into the basement and other parts of the market. This has changed our map but it is always going to be a changing map as sellers come and go and stalls expand and are sold to others. However, this is nothing that we can’t overcome. Back to mapping and we are setting a procedure for the next PCs so that we can stay on top of these changes!

Additionally, we finished the 1st version of the contract with Sibesonke. We’re moving towards having the SMS solution be more than just a pilot!

We’ve had two farmers markets in April and Munguatosha has attended both of them on his own as we were traveling during those weekends. He has done a phenomenal job and despite a few hiccups here and there has been able to take over those tasks. We are working on making that process completely self-sustaining and we are sure that he will be able to lead this initiative soon enough!

We are also looking for agricultural specialists to help out our partners in the village-based sites so if you or someone you know is a pro at harvesting zucchini or raising chickens (among many other agricultural needs) please let us know!
Lastly, we’ve been having a great time in Dar. Over Easter Sophie visited Hussein’s family and met his wife and two young children. Hussein is our dear friend and devoted taxi driver. It was great to see where he lives and get to know his family.

As more rains are predicted for this week please keep those affected by the horrible flooding in your thoughts. We are both safe and sound but have had some struggles getting around flooded areas. Pray for sun!


Sophie and Monique 

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