Karia-killin’ It

This is a quick post to heap praise and gratitude onto my amazing partners.

The month of January was not the easiest for the Masoko Project. We had many distractions that made it extremely difficult and at times impossible to be as present at Kariakoo Market as we would have liked. After about two weeks of absence, I was a little apprehensive about getting back to work. I feared that all of the wonderful progress we had made over the course of the previous several months would have eroded and morale would be lower than ever. Specifically, I was worried that our diligence for collecting and uploading crop data on time every day would slip without our constant supervision. After two months of trending upwards, a step in the wrong direction would have been greatly damaging to group spirts.

Let’s just say those anxieties were misplaced.

photo (3)

Our goal for the month of January was to collect and upload price data on time on at least 28 of the 31 days. Nailed it!

When I came back and reviewed the metrics, I was blown away and beyond ecstatic to find that not only had our team not let their work slip in our absence, but they actually continued their upwards trend towards perfection! You may remember that in December, we successfully met our goal to collect and upload price data by 10 AM, 25 out of 31 days. In January, the goal was 28 out of 31 days – a goal which was met and surpassed, despite the fact that the Kariakoo team received very little external support from their Project Coordinators.

The reason this is so exciting to me is that self-sustainability is the ultimate goal of all of the projects within the 2Seeds Network. This goal can, at times, feel pretty lofty. With our ground presence ending in mid-March of this year, the pressure is on to make sure that all of our systems and procedures will continue to operate smoothly in our absence. The performance of the entire Masoko Project team this past month has given me more faith than ever in their incredible level of commitment to this work and I feel total confidence in their ability to keep things rolling after I leave.

Sometimes, I love being wrong.

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