About the Project


In 2010-2011, the Lutindi Project team, in helping to start and develop the Lutindi farmers group, noticed that many farmers in Lutindi had no ability to get to larger markets in Tanzania. They faced many serious obstacles:

  1. lack of information about market prices,
  2. lack of connections at the market,
  3. lack of ability to physically get to the market and, finally,
  4. lack of basic understanding of how the market system works.

Therefore, the Kariakoo Project (as it was originally named) was established to find ways to help farmers in the rural areas in which most 2Seeds projects are located connect with the market system in Tanzania and to help the Kariakoo Market better connect with farmers in rural areas.

The Kariakoo Market

The Kariakoo Market



The purpose of the Masoko Project is to increase Tanzanian farmers’ access to high value markets, improve the transparency of agricultural value chains in the country in a way that makes agricultural business smoother and more fair, and help 2Seeds and its partners achieve greater possibilities through connections to urban centers.


To make Tanzanian agricultural markets more accessible, efficient points of sale and provide accurate and timely information to farmers.


A Tanzania in which the crop market that the physical realities and market forces of the country dictate is the best choice for a farmer and is not made inaccessible by information or relationship barriers.


  • Respectful and collaborative relationships with shared ownership of decision making
  • Open, effective, and clear communication
  • Measurable results
  • Integrity and accountability to our donors, the 2Seeds Network, and our partner communities

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