About 2Seeds

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The 2Seeds Network is an incorporated non-profit which serves as an umbrella organization incubating small, efficient, and effective agricultural development projects in Africa. 2Seeds focuses on selecting, training, and mentoring bright and passionate graduates at the beginning of their careers to work with our African partners. In a joint effort, our teams address the issue of food and income security by training rural farmers in agricultural best practices. At every step, 2Seeds encourages our project leaders to embrace independent decision making, enforce financial accountability, and humbly seek a deep and sincere partnership with the local African community.


2Seeds Network, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation formed as an umbrella organization to incubate small, efficient, and effective agricultural development projects in Africa. These projects are created, supported, and implemented by Project Coordinators selected from the United States and other nations in the developed world. The business of the corporation is managed under the direction of the 2Seeds Network Board of Trustees.

In all of the work done by 2Seeds and its affiliated projects, we aspire to exemplify a set of values that we take as our compass in guiding our planning, our communication, our decisions, and our actions. We look to these values in our dealings with those we encounter in this work, with those whom we ask for support, and in our working relationships with each other.

Our Values Are:

  • Humility
  • Partnership
  • Compassion
  • Results
  • Resource Stewardship
  • Self-Awareness

For further information access 2Seeds website: http://www.2seeds.org/about/


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