Thank you to our donors!

2Seeds_cover photo_support the journey

Our team would like to extend a special thanks to all of our donors who have made a financial contribution to the Masoko Project since its inception. Without all of your generous support this project would not have been possible, and we are very grateful.

We do hope that you will keep abreast of our progress in the field by way of our blog. You can rest assured that your funds are being put to productive use!

Thank you everyone!

Donate to 2Seeds

2Seeds fights extreme poverty in rural Africa by investing in human potential. As part of our core value of financial stewardship, we aim to use every dollar possible to prepare future leaders for this challenge. The majority of our variable corporate expenses are directed toward training and mentoring our Project Coordinators on the ground as well as providing educational opportunities for our Tanzanian partners.

By investing in 2Seeds, you will be investing in the next generation of leadership, both at home and abroad. On behalf of all of our stakeholders, we greatly appreciate your support.

Masoko Team


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